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IAF Policy Call

December 17, 2020

Effective Privacy Agencies Make a Difference — What Can We Do to Make the California Consumer Privacy Protection Agency a Facilitator of Fair and Respectful Digital Markets?


Come the New Year California will take steps to create the first dedicated data protection agency in the U.S.  It will regulate the creation and use digital related to people in the world’s fifth largest market and the headquarters of many of the world’s leading tech companies.  The first data protection agency was created 50 years ago, and history tells us that agency leadership, structure, vision, and budget make a difference.  The IAF will hold a policy call on December 17 to discuss what the community collectively would like to see in an agency that will need to balance the rights of consumers and the responsibilities of businesses with the goal of strengthening consumer privacy while giving attention to the impact on business and innovation.  The IAF team will be joined by Pam Dixon, Jennifer Stoddard, Andy Serwin, Chris Docksey, and Scott Taylor.


December 17, 2020
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