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There are Many Reasons to Worry About Data Transfers, but the Austrian DPA Second Google Analytics Decision Should not be one of Them

By Lynn Goldstein | May 4, 2022 |

noyb’s posting that the “risk-based approach” to data transfers has…

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The Shape Shifting Nature of Privacy Risk Management

By Martin Abrams | April 6, 2022 |

For the past decade, the privacy ecosystem, company CPOs, policymakers,…

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Verified Governance is Coming Like a Runaway Freight Train

By Martin Abrams | February 16, 2022 |

There is growing evidence that data forward processes will require…

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Stewardship Is Still the Key

By Martin Abrams | February 8, 2022 |

The ability for iPhone users to control tracking will have…

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Enacting Privacy Legislation Requires Defining Desired Obtainable Outcomes

By Martin Abrams | January 18, 2022 |

There is little debate that the United States needs a…

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AI Impact Assessments Are Necessary and Additive to Existing Business Processes

By Peter Cullen | October 19, 2021 |

A paradox exists due to the growing use of artificial…

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UK Alters the Trajectory for Global Data Protection Objectives

By Martin Abrams | September 15, 2021 |

The UK Government’s consultation, “Data:  A New Direction” (“Consultation”), reframes…

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Does the Conduct of Observation Merit Dedicated Legislation?

By Martin Abrams | September 9, 2021 |

Do pervasive watching and recording cause risks to individuals and…

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When Data Protection Is Not About Data Protection

By Martin Abrams | August 25, 2021 |

Data protection law is not always about data protection or…

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My Head Spins – UK Gets Adequacy As Task Force Says GDPR Must Change

By Martin Abrams | June 28, 2021 |

The EU Commission today (June 28, 2021) announced that the…

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