The IAF Celebrates Ten Years of Focusing on Accountability and Governance

The IAF celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023, and recently published our annual report – 2022 Highlights and 2023 Policy Directions. Over the last few years, IAF research and education work has converged under the overarching principle under which we were formed – Accountability and allowing data to serve people. Specifically, our work triangulates Risk, Corporate Research and Proportionality to address the policy and strategy concerns of IAF members and community. Forward-looking organizations are applying and enhancing strategic frameworks to meet the demands of an observational world, responsible and resilient data use, and the expectations for fair AI. 

The IAF believes it’s critical that accountable organizations be able to think with data and engage in knowledge discovery and creation, within accountable frameworks, in order to achieve a trusted global digital ecosystem. The pathway to innovation is clear. Break the path at any point, then actions taken will be less than optimal. Bad decisions, or even the reluctance to take actions that should be taken, may harm people. There are no new actions – such as cancer therapies, smart car safety, pollution abatement, and specialized education – without the ability to think with data to create knowledge. All IAF research and education endeavors are focused on furthering the ability for demonstrably accountable companies to use data pertaining to people to maintain the data innovation path. 

In 2022, we saw increased pressure and scrutiny on digital economy activities, from AI applications, to AdTech, from increased cybersecurity threats to international data transfers, and crucial issues arose about individual body autonomy and safeguarding our youth. Here or just around the corner is the activation of several U.S. State privacy laws plus anticipated legislation in Canada (C-27) and the UK, and European Regulation (Digital Services and Digital Marketing Acts). The U.S. Congress renewed it evergreen debate about Federal Privacy Legislation. 

Read more about the IAF’s 2022 Highlights and 2023 Policy Directions here. We look forward to seeing you throughout the year at our informal chats, monthly policy and strategy calls, annual retreat and workshops. We will be focused on governance and what it means to think and act with data so that data serves people.