Barb Lawler Joins IAF as COO

The Information Accountability Foundation (IAF) is pleased to announce that it is adding to its leadership.  Barb Lawler is joining the IAF as Chief Operating Officer and Senior Policy Strategist effective April 1, 2021.  Barb brings over two decades of business privacy implementation experience to the research and policy non-profit foundation.  First, she will bring a management and operational focus to IAF projects, and second, she will drive accountability implementation-directed research.  Barb is already leading the IAF’s Accountability Operations Discussion Group.  Most importantly, Barb will partner with Executive Director Marty Abrams to lead the IAF through the uncertain change driven by increased observation, ever expanding analytics, and public policy efforts to legislate and regulate in confusing times.

“This partnership with Barb truly expands IAF capabilities and service to our entire community,” said Marty Abrams.  “Her grounding in the operations side of modern privacy management completes the IAF research approach.”

“I’m excited about the opportunity to help lead the IAF in its mission to promote responsible corporate data stewardship that is respectful of the fundamental right to fair processing,” noted Barb. “This is a critical juncture for data policy leadership in a time of conflicting crosswinds, and the IAF is poised to expand its impact in the U.S., Canada, Europe and beyond.”

 “I am thrilled that Barb is joining the IAF,” said Scott Taylor, IAF Board Chairman.  “Barb is deeply respected by all stakeholders and brings a proven depth of experience and leadership.  Her practical perspective as a thought leader and practitioner will benefit the organization and its members.”

Barb Lawler (FIP/CIPM/CIPP-US) is a recognized privacy leader who most recently was the Chief Privacy and Data Ethics Officer of Looker Data Sciences, which was acquired by Google Cloud, and previously held roles as the Chief Privacy Officer of Intuit and of Hewlett Packard. She has an extensive track record in shaping the thinking of U.S. and global policymakers on data policy issues and has delivered formal testimony to both the U.S. Senate (twice) and House, IRS, FTC and California State AG. She is a member of the Internet Ethics advisory board to the Santa Clara University Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Barb, a Bay Area native, is a graduate of San Jose State University and splits her time between Los Gatos and Santa Cruz, CA.

The IAF is the preeminent global information policy think tank that creates scholarship and education on the policies and processes necessary to use data wisely in a manner that serves people. The IAF’s goal, through active consultations and research, is to achieve effective information governance systems to facilitate information-driven innovation respectful of the fundamental right to fair processing. The IAF meets this goal by working with regulatory agencies, policymakers, advocacy organizations, and businesses to achieve solutions that meet the full range of fundamental rights.

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