Scott Taylor, Board Chairman

Vice President Compliance, Privacy, Big Data, and Global Services Merck

Scott is Vice President, Compliance, Privacy, Big Data, and Global Services at Merck.

Prior to joining Merck, Scott was Vice President & Chief Privacy Officer, Privacy, SER, and Human Rights, at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. There, he was responsible for HPE’s Privacy, Social & Environmental Responsibility, and Human Rights efforts, including strategy, policy, governance, and operations as part of the Ethics & Compliance Office (ECO) within the Office of the General Counsel. In this role, he was a member of HPE’s Compliance Council, Living Progress Report Leadership Team, and chairs the Privacy & Data Protection Governance Board. Scott and his team worked with HPE business groups, regions, and corporate functions to assure the implementation of the company’s Privacy, SER, and Human Rights policies and programs and to prioritize and integrate accountability and social responsibility into product and services development and delivery across the company.

As Chief Privacy Officer at HPE, he served as the firm’s global privacy representative with governments, external policymakers, media, NGOs, and customers in the area of Privacy & Data Protection. Scott is actively involved in global initiatives to advance stronger protections for fundamental rights and serves as ex-officio Chairman of the Board of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and Chairman of the Board for The Information Accountability Foundation, a nonprofit think tank for Privacy.

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