Artemi Rallo

Foundation Senior Scholar

Dr. Artemi Rallo was Director of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (2007–2011), Chair of the Latin America Data Protection Network (2007–2010), Deputy Chair of the Article 29 Working Party (2010–2011) and Director of the Centre for Legal Studies of the Ministry of Justice (2004–2007).

Currently, he is professor of constitutional law at the Jaume I University in Spain. He has conducted research at international centers such as the International Human Rights Institute in Strasbourg, La Sapienza University in Rome, Paris I-Pantheòn-Sorbonne University and Montreal University. He is the author of numerous monographs, collective books, and scientific articles in specialized national and international magazines. Most recently, he has published the book “The Right to be Forgotten on the Internet: Google vs. Spain”.

He graduated in Law with Extraordinary Prize Honours (1988) and received his Doctor in Law at the University of Valencia (1990).

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