IAF creates U.S. Privacy Framework Discussion Group

The United States is in the early stages of creating a privacy framework to govern data for the next generation.  Over the past two weeks the IAF has issued blogs putting forward a framework that preserves thinking and learning with data and that is interoperable with other regimes.  We also issued a blog that placed the framework in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a fourth wave of privacy legislation

The Information Accountability Foundation is creating a new discussion group to focus on the development of this updated privacy approach.  We will also bring the framing of new approaches to our Americas and Asia discussion groups as well.

The discussion groups will share ideas among themselves and provide guidance to the IAF research and education mission.  One of the discussion group’s first tasks will be to explore regulatory structures related to the framework.  The IAF’s draft framework provides a great deal of flexibility to organizations that have demonstrated accountability processes that are competent and trustworthy.  A key question is how would one enforce the intentions of a law that is  flexible without being prescriptive?

In many ways, the IAF West Coast Summit on September 26 will kick off this work.

If you would like to be part of that discussion group or would like to attend the Summit, please let Marty Abrams know at mabrams@informationaccountability.org .

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