Panel Discussion: “A Unified Ethical Frame for Big Data”

“A Unified Ethical Frame for Big Data”
Panel Discussion
Thursday, 5 March, 12:45 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
IAPP Global Privacy Summit
Washington, DC

Martin Abrams, Executive Director, Chief Strategist, Information Accountability Foundation
Lynn Goldstein, CIPP/US, Chief Data Officer, New York University Center for Urban Science and Progress
Barbara Lawler, CIPP/US, CIPM, Chief Privacy Officer, Intuit

Are you looking for truly balanced tools to review big data projects? Big data—analytic processes where velocity, volume and variety of data provide remarkable insights and drive innovation—raises massive ethical conundrums. Is the data appropriate for the use? Are the inferences trustworthy? Does the process have a negative impact on individuals? Are there tangible impacts on individuals if the research is not done? Resolving these questions requires review against a unified ethical frame that is not soiled. The Information Accountability Foundation working with academics and business professionals has developed a unified ethical frame for analysis. Here, we will focus on how to use that frame to align your decision-making with the expectations of internal and external stakeholders, where the evaluation purpose is to avoid harm to both the organization and individuals while facilitating information-driven innovation.

What you’ll take away:

·     A true understanding of using a unified ethical frame that goes beyond privacy
·     An understanding of how to use the unified frame to achieve new results
·     A grasp of the tools that are being presented to regulators as tools for effective big data project assessments