IAF Renews Commitment to Vision

Responsible and demonstrable data practices – accountability – remain the privacy approaches most likely to maximize information-driven innovation and individual protection. With major changes in the enforcement of data policy expected by the close of 2018, this is the key message coming from The Information Accountability Foundation’s Annual Board of Directors Meeting, which was held in San Jose, CA, on 17 September 2014. Board members reiterated their commitment to a research and educational agenda to further accountability-based data management.

Pursuant to its mission, the Foundation will work to create public policy strategy and frameworks that advance responsible, ethical and innovative uses of data globally. To do so, the Foundation has adopted the following key goals:

  • The Foundation will operate as an independent and intellectually credible policy research organization.
  • It seeks to be a voice in public discussions on data privacy and protection that is trusted and respected by regulators, government officials, civil society advocates, academics and business leaders around the world.
  • By recommending balanced innovative policy approaches, our work will encourage laws, regulations and other forms of public policy that ensure the appropriate use of information for valuable social and economic outcomes.
  • Our research and education will promote the appropriate use of data that creates benefits while protecting individual and societal values.
  • It will develop policy options that facilitate a fair and innovative information economy.

Achieving those goals requires collaboration and financial support, so the Foundation has developed the manner in which organizations and individuals will be involved in Foundation activities.

Foundation Sponsors Set Priorities and Lead Projects
A Foundation Sponsor is defined as an organization that demonstrates a strong commitment to the Foundation’s vision and that provides a minimum contribution of $50,000 per year for general support. Sponsors participate in setting the Foundation’s research and educational priorities based on the Foundation’s mission. Invitations to be a Sponsor will be extended to organizations that have demonstrated this commitment through their policies and practices.

Foundation Participants Are Involved with Projects to Build Policy Models and Educate Stakeholders
Organizations may also provide support as participants in Foundation projects. This means research projects, educational programs and policy discussions. Their financial support may vary with the project but usually are at least $20,000.

Foundation Partners Work With the Foundation to Explore Practical Solutions
The Foundation also engages various types of partners. They include a range of professional services organizations that help develop and may amplify Foundation concepts and help develop implementation approaches. Such partners are expected to provide at least $5,000 a year in support to the Foundation. Foundation partners may also take a leadership role in educational activities.

Foundation Fellows Are Individuals Who Bring Special Skills and Knowledge to the Foundation’s Policy Initiatives
Selected researchers, former regulators and leaders from civil society bring their skills, knowledge and judgement to Foundation activities.

For questions regarding the Foundation or contributor support levels, please contact Nick Warren at nwarren@informationaccountbility.org.

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