IAF Policy Call: Will The New Safe Harbor Define Global Data Flows?

The Commission of the European Union and the United States Department of Commerce are actively negotiating a new Safe Harbour Agreement to define governance for data flows from Europe to the United States. The Commission has put a public deadline of the end of May for an agreement. It is not clear that that deadline is firm or an additional pressure point. What is clear is that there will be a new Safe Harbour and that it will be different than the old one.

The Safe Harbour discussion is only one of a number of examples of the uncertainty that exists today for organizations aggressively processing data. The draft EU regulation is at a critical stage, the Canadian Privacy Commissioner will soon be releasing his priorities, and Japan will enact legislation that gives great discretion to a new privacy agency.

This uncertainty is the topic for the IAF’s next policy call 3 June.

For more information or to register for the event, contact us at info@informationaccountability.org.

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