IAF Policy Call on Research as a Legal Basis to Process

Thinking with data, the discovery of new insights through the processing of large diverse data sets, has already become a driver of innovation. One of the truly remarkable outcomes of the European Data Protection Regulation, is a liberalization of data for research. Is research essentially a new “legal basis” to process data? Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Yann Padova in their law review article, “Regime Change?  Enabling Big Data Through Europe’s New Data Protection Regulation,” argue that it is. The IAF has built the case for thinking with data based on research as a compatible use, with legitimate interests as the legal basis. Viktor and Yann’s paper has triggered IAF to think more robustly.

Professor Mayer-Schonberger joined IAF’s Marty Abrams and Peter Cullen for the policy call on 8 November to discuss research as the basis for change in Europe. In addition, IAF discussed the relevance of this work in the rest of the world, particularly Argentina.

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