IAF Policy Call on Legal Probability in Europe

Data protection legal certainty for controllers doing business in Europe is increasingly the casualty of European Court of Justice decisions, the GDPR and uncertain legal mechanisms for data transfers. Now, controllers must deal with legal probability based on the ability to create an evidence trail related to practices and processes. The IAF’s next policy call will take place March 30 at 11:00 AM, New York time. On the call, IAF will discuss this change in environment with Stewart Room of PwC and Stan Crosley of Indiana University.

As part of the discussion, we’ll examine IAF’s process for assessing big data analytics that the foundation has been working on over the last two years. IAF is using this big data assessment process as the basis for creating this evidence trail.

If you would like to attend the call, please contact us at info@informationaccountability.org for the meeting planner and dial-in number.

A recent paper by Chris Kuner would be excellent preparation for the March 30 discussion. Below is a link to the article.

Kuner: Reality and Illusion in EU Data Transfer Regulation Post Schrems


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