IAF Discussion on Big Data Governance | Washington, DC | 18 May

The Foundation will host “Discussion on Big Data, Governance, and Regulation” on Monday, 18 May, during 10-11 am, ET. The meeting will take place in Washington, DC.

A recent WSJ article entitled Big Data Looms as Next Battle in Europe underscores the friction and uncertainty caused by the changing nature of how digital assets for complex analytics are processed, regulated, and governed. Key aspects of the discussion are the issues of legitimacy and fairness. For big data initiatives to be a success, their processes need to be seen as fair by consumers, regulators, policymakers, and advocates. Yet, how is fairness around big data work established? These issues will be examined as well as:

  • How to bridge American concepts of innovation with data protection regimes in other countries.
  • How understand a the legal basis for big data in European-inspired data protection programs.
  • Building confidence around big data processes so that they are deemed fair by external constituents.

Background papers for this meeting include A Unified Ethical Frame for Big Data Analysis and Big Data Ethics Initiative Interrogation Framework.

Available seating is limited. To register for this discussion, contact us at info@informationaccountability.org.

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