EDPG Update Call

To discuss a number pf accomplishments and next steps related to the EDPG project, IAF will hold a one-hour update call on the project’s work during 28 November.

The EDPG project was created as a means to mitigate a business risk related to a growing focus on data use as an integral part of business strategy. Put simply, data-driven innovation and the organizations that are dependent upon it are at risk from an information governance vacuum and how policy makers and regulators might fill it. The risk of having data and prohibitions on making innovative uses of that data is growing and creating regulatory risk, customer trust risk and reticence risk. As a result, information will simply not be used, because decision drivers are unclear or conflicting.

Over the past year, the EDPG project has made tangible progress on advancing and socializing this model. The project’s work has resulted in several short-term initiatives that are filling a global regulatory demand at the same time as we think about a full EDPG model in the longer term. Further, the project will soon release a full-length paper. IAF looks forward to discussing these developments in detail during the call.

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