Big Data Project Vetting to Assure Fair and Innovative Data Use

IAF will hold a pre-conference workshop at IAPP in Las Vegas on September 29. Workshop leaders include Martin Abrams and Lynn Goldstein of IAF and Genie Barton of the Council of Better Business Bureaus.

Workshop Overview
Big data needs to be done in a trustworthy manner. Doing so requires data protection impact assessments conducted in a consistent manner. The Information Accountability Foundation, in consultation with numerous experts, has developed a process to assess whether big data projects are ethically sound. The process looks at big data projects from a 360-degree perspective so as to prevent inappropriate impacts on individuals and society while also limiting reticence risk that precludes productive new insights from data. The process includes customizable specific assessment tools to be tested in numerous industries. This session will begin with an introduction to IAF’s unified ethical frame, work through two actual assessments, discuss how the assessment process identifies key issues for decision-makers and conclude with a regulator’s view of how the assessment process may enhance the demonstration of trustworthy practices.

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