IAF’s Annual East Coast Summit- 2019
26 June 2019
AT&T Forum
Washington, D.C.

Building Interoperable Fourth Generation Privacy Law, Brick by Brick. The purpose of the Summit was help the IAF mold the policy bricks so data driven innovation may be conducted in a trustworthy manner and data driven innovation can flourish.

IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium
23 May-24 May 2019
Toronto, Canada

The IAF participated in two panels. One on using ethical frameworks to build trust, reduce barriers, and unleash innovation and one discussing noteworthy trends and developments from around the world and their impact on Canadian organizations.

Ramp Up on the Road D.C.
21 May 2019
Washington, D.C.

Martin Abrams participates in panel on Innovation and Regulation in Perfect Harmony at Live Ramp’s Ramp it up D.C. event. This panel discussed how to ramp up your product, data, and marketing strategies from the inside out to ensure that your businesses are built on an ethical foundation.

Maastricht University Board Meeting
10 May 2019
Maastricht, Netherlands

6 May-7 May 2019
Paris, France

IAF’s Martin Abrams was the lead discussant in a Roundtable on  Accountability 2.0 at the 44th meeting of the OECD Working Party on SPDE.

PWC Hosts IAF Small Table Discussion following FTC Hearings
11 April 2019
Washington, D.C.

The Information Accountability Foundation published a blog raising four key infrastructure issues that should be resolved as the U.S. debates new comprehensive privacy law.  What are the key privacy interests, where do they fit from an oversight perspective, and what resources are necessary to enforce?  To further the discussion raised by the blog the IAF scheduled a small table discussion on April 11, the day after the FTC privacy hearings, to debate key issues elated to enforcing any new model in a fashion that would be interoperable with our trading partners.

CPDP 2019

29 January-1 February
Brussels, Belgium

The IAF hosted a small discussion table on January 29, 2019 at the offices of AT&T in Brussels to discuss Finding Peace Between Thinking with Data and Dignity. Marty then went on to sit on the panel and speak at the ECPC discussion event- Fairness by Design: Ethics and Data Processing in Research Context .

PWC Hosts Digital and Data Privacy Roundtable

14 January 2019
Toronto, Canada

AI, big data and IoT are poised to transform our future. This presents an opportunity for Canada to become a global leader in digital and data innovation. Canada already produces some of the most sought-after AI talent in the world and has committed upwards of $1 billion in investment. Critical to spurring innovation and enabling our digital legacy is ensuring Canadians and our trade partners have trust and confidence that data and privacy is protected.  Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED), launched the national consultation on digital and data transformation to better understand how Canada can drive innovation and ensure trust and confidence in how data is used. ISED is using the digital and data consultations to inform what next steps it needs to take for its existing Marketplace Framework laws, which includes privacy, as well as its broader approach to digital and data through policies, programs, laws and regulations.

Participants: Director General, ISED Mark Schaan and other departmental officials • Information Accountability Foundation (IAF), a non-profit research and education policy center that works on tomorrow’s public policy challenges today; and • Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and Chief Privacy Officers (CPOs) from leading companies across sectors – financial services, telecom, retail, transportation and technology.


40th International Conference-Side Event

23 October 2018
Brussels, Belgium

Participants: Martin Abrams

An ethical ecosystem of personal data requires core values of ethics be built into the project development, assessment and oversight processes.  Stephen Kai-yi Wong, the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong, China, opened last year’s International Conference by saying that digital economies require privacy accountability and data governance. Working with the Hong Kong business community and the Information Accountability Foundation, the Commissioner has developed a framework for determining when a data use beyond common understanding is fair.  The framework, which is to be introduced at this session, is a means for introducing data ethics into the project development process.  While curated in Hong Kong, the framework links to similar processes in Europe and North America.  At this session, we will introduce the framework, provide examples, and solicit feedback from the international community.


27 September 20108
Washington, D.C.

Participants: Martin Abrams, Robert Atkinson, Shawn Bohen, Ian Cinnamon, Jack Clark, France Cordova, Dean Garfield. Denise Zheng

The Summit will be a global leadership gathering centered on issues at the intersection of innovation and governance, and the launching point for solutions-driven conversations between policymakers, scientists, innovators, industry representatives, startups and academics.

West Coast Summit

26 September 2018
Sunnyvale, California

Participants: Martin Abrams, Kalinda Raina, Scott Taylor, Lynn Goldstein, Peter Cullen, Adam Kardash, Stan Crosley, Barb Lawler

Topics to be discussed: The IAF will discuss the new framework developed by the IAF for legislation that can be customized for both the US and Canada (and Asian countries as well), the AI and advanced analytics implementable framework that has been developing in Hong Kong with the Commissioner and Hong Kong business, and special California and state issues.

IAF Annual Summit

25-26 July 2018
North Wales, Pennsylvania

Participants: Martin Abrams

6th Annual Data Protection Congress

7-8 June 2018
Santa Marta, Columbia

Participants: Martin Abrams, Maria Claudia

We had our 6th annual International Data Protection Congress in Colombia.  We had 400 attendees – largest turn out in the six years.  We had regulators from Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico and Argentina.  We had representation from the EU Commission.  The theme was GDPR and secondarily the complexity of GDPR.

Digital University

17 May 2018
Maastricht University
Brussels, Belgium

Participants: Martin Abrams

The IAF, with assistance from our generous members and the European Centre for Privacy and Cyber Security (ECPC) at the University of Maastricht, had a very successful full day seminar at the University’s campus in Brussels.  We had more than 40 attendees. Our agenda was structured to put forward a vision for data use, illuminate with an economics discussion, provide a clinical education on how digital markets work, reinforce with a demonstration of ethical corporate behavior, and complete with an open policy discussion.

ECPC Advisory Board

2 April 2018
Maastricht University
Brussels, Belgium

Participants: Martin Abrams

IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2018

26-28 March 2018
Washington, D.C.
Participants: Martin Abrams

Marty spoke on the topic of “Machines that Learn: Can They Also be Taught Values”

Seminar with SIC in Columbia

7 March 2018
Bogata, Columbia

Participants: Martin Abrams, Scott Taylor, Victoria Anzola, Jose Alejandro

Abrams presented on the Essential Elements of Accountability and their meaning in a data era where observation and analytics play a prominent role.  He was followed by Taylor who spoke on governance and the questions a regulator might ask to measure the presence of an accountability based program.  Victoria Anzola, who runs a Colombia based consultancy for SMEs, discussed how accountability is implemented in smaller enterprises.  Bermudez discussed accountability in a South American context.   The program closed with a second Abrams presentation on the key role accountability plays when data is available across borders.

19th Annual Privacy & Security Conference

8-9 February 2018
Victoria, British Columbia

Participants: Martin Abrams

Marty participated as the Moderator on Artificial Intelligence Systems:  Applications, Implications and Ethics panel and as a Speaker on the GDPR panel.

International Data Protection Day

23-25 January 2018
Mexico City, Mexico
Monterrey, Mexico

Participants: Martin Abrams

Marty was the Keynote speaker at the INAI Privacy Week.


IAF Business Stakeholder Meeting
Participants: Martin Abrams, Lynn Goldstein, John Abrams
7 December 2017
Toronto, Canada

The IAF conducted a business stakeholder meeting in Toronto, Canada on December 7, 2017 to discuss how to instill trust and confidence when businesses conduct assessments to assure that data used for analytics is processed in a fashion that is legal, fair and just. The business stakeholder meeting is part of a research project the IAF is conducting under a grant from the Office of Privacy commissioner of Canada. The key issue is how to transfer the key attributes of ethical review boards to general business use of advanced analytics. The IAF will conduct a meeting with the full range of stakeholders in February and issue a report by March 31, 2017.

Maastricht University’s Center for Privacy and Cyber Security’s First Data Protection Officer Certification

Participant: Martin Abrams

Hosted by: Maastricht University

5 July 2017

Maastricht, Limburg

Marty Abrams made the keynote address at Maastricht University’s Center for Privacy and Cyber Security’s first Data Protection Officer Certification.  Abrams lectured on DPO leadership and accountability.

Marty Abrams and Stan Crosley spoke on effective oversight of big data assessments at AccessPrivacy annual conference.  The session, that also featured Jennifer Stoddard, kicked off the IAF second Canadian project partially funded by a grant from the office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

       Annual International Data Protection Conference

        IAF Event, Co-sponsored with SIC Deputy Superintendent for Data               Protection, Colombia

        8-9 June 2017

        Bogota, Colombia

Ethics, Observational Platforms, Mathematics, and Fundamental Rights
IAF Panel Discussion
CPDP 2017
26 January 2017
Brussels, Belgium


IAF/AccessPrivacy Project Multi-Stakeholder Meeting
IAF Meeting
16 December 2016
Toronto, Canada

IU Data Review Board Workshop
Participant: Marty Abrams
5-6 December 2016
Durham, NC

46th APPA Forum
Participant: Marty Abrams
Hosted By: National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection
30 November-2 December 2016
Manzanillo, Mexico

EDPG Project Update
IAF Call
28 November 2016

Research as a Legal Basis to Process
IAF Policy Call
14 November 2016

Adequacy, Localization, and Cultural Determinism
Moderator: Marty Abrams
Conference Session Panel
38th International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference
19 October 2016
Marrakech, Morocco

Technology, Challenges and Effective Governance
IAF and Future of Privacy Forum Side Event
38th International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference
18 October 2016
Marrakech, Morocco

Mobile Technology-Based Services for Global Health and Wellness
Presenter: Peter Cullen
OECD Expert Consultation Meeting
5-6 October 2016
Boston, MA

3rd IAF/AccessPrivacy Project Meeting
IAF Meeting
30 September 2016
Toronto, Canada

Joint Conference on Big Data
Participant: Marty Abrams
BEUC and EDPS Meeting
29 September  2016
Brussels, Belgium

New York University’s KAVLI Human Project Ethics Working Group
Participant: Marty Abrams
Kavli Human Project
23 September 2016
New York, NY

Defining Privacy Ethics
Panelist: Marty Abrams
Session at IAPP – Privacy. Security. Risk. 2016
15 September 2016
San Jose, CA

IAF Board of Directors Meeting
13 September 2016
San Jose, CA

IAF Annual Brainstorming Session
IAF Meeting
13 September 2016
San Jose, CA

Privacy, Personality and Flows of Information
Panelist: Marty Abrams
UN Co-Sponsored Workshop Conference
19-20 July 2016
New York, New York

2nd IAF/AccessPrivacy Project Meeting
IAF Meeting
13 July 2016
Toronto, Canada

IAF Americas Discussion Group
IAF Call
30 June 2016

AccessPrivacy Annual Conference
Speakers: Marty Abrams and Lynn Goldstein
15 June 2016
Toronto, Canada

4th Annual International Data Protection Conference
IAF Event, Co-sponsored with Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, Colombia
9-10 June 2015
Santa Marta, Colombia

IAF Luncheon with Ibero-American Network DPAs
IAF Event
8 June 2015
Santa Marta, Colombia

Q2 2016 Developments in Information Policy
IAF Policy Call
3 June and 6 June 2016

“Ethics Goes Digital: Who’s Calling the Shots?”
Panelist: Marty Abrams
30 May 2016

“The Ethics of Using Big Data”
Speaker: Marty Abrams
29th Annual Technology Law Conference
Hosted by the University of Texas at Austin Law School
26 May 2016
Austin, Texas

“Legitimate Interests Briefing
IAF Briefing
Hosted by Future of Privacy Forum
12 May 2016
Washington, DC

1st IAF/AccessPrivacy Project Meeting
IAF Meeting
6 May 2016

“Digital Ethics, the EDPS and the Ethics Advisory Group”
Panel Discussant: Marty Abrams
IAPP Europe Data Protection Intensive
21 April 2016

“Big Data Project Vetting to Assure Fair and Innovative Data Use”
IAF Workshop
IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2016
4 April 2016
Washington, DC

Legal Probability in Europe
IAF Policy Call
30 March 2016

“IAF Legitimate Interests Discussion”
Conference Board’s Chief Privacy Officers Council Event
24 March 2016
Santa Clara, California
Key Documents

“2016 State of the Foundation Call”
IAF Conference Call
9 March 2016

“Building a Dependable Framework for Privacy, Innovation and Cross-Border Data Flows in the Asia-Pacific Region” (Draft Agenda)
Workshop hosted by IAF, CIPL, TRUSTE and IIS
22 February 2016
Lima, Peru

“International Data Sharing”
Panel Moderator: Marty Abrams
17th Annual Privacy and Security Conference
Reboot Communications
4 February 2016
Victoria, BC

Data Privacy Day 2016
Speaker: Marty Abrams
National Cyber Security Alliance Event
28 January 2016
Washington, DC


Year-End Policy Call
IAF Policy Call
18 December 2015

Highmark Health Meeting
Speaker: Marty Abrams
15 December 2015

Beyond IRBs: Designing Ethical Review Processes for Big Data
Speaker: Marty Abrams
Future of Privacy Forum and National Science Foundation Meeting
10 December 2015
Washington, DC

EU Data Protection 2015
Speaker: Marty Abrams
TRUSTe Meeting
8 December 2015
San Francisco, CA

Workshop on Big Data Ethics in Canada
Meeting hosted by IAF and AccessPrivacy
4 December 2015

Japan Policy Meeting
IAF Meeting
20 November 2015
Washington, DC

Privacy & Access 20/20 Conference
Speakers: Lynn Goldstein, Peter Cullen and Marty Abrams
Hosted by The Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia and Reboot Communications
12-13 November 2015

Data Stewardship for a 21st Century Data World: A Framework for Ethical Governance for Big Data Analytic Processing
IAF Side Event
37th International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference
29 October 2015

Developments in European Policy
IAF Policy Call
15 October 2015

Big Data Project Vetting to Assure Fair and Innovative Data Use
IAF Pre-conference Workshop
IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk.
29 September 2015
Las Vegas

IAF Annual Brainstorm
IAF Meeting
10 September 2015
Washington, DC

IAF Board Meeting
9 September 2015
Washington, DC

Holistic Governance Project Workshop
IAF Meeting
9 September 2015
Washington, DC

IAF & VPBG Governance Workshops in Brazil
IAF Meetings
10-11 August 2015
Brasilia and Sao Paulo, Brazil

Legitimate Interests – The Evolving Global Mechanism for Justifying Advanced Data Use
IAF Meeting
28 July 2015
Palo Alto, CA

IAF Board Meeting
Conference Call
28 July 2015

Big Data Ethical Assessment: A System for Assuring Big Data Processes are Legal, Fair and Just
IAF Meeting
22 July 2015
New York City

43rd APPA Forum
Speaker: Peter Cullen
11 June 2015
Hong Kong

Will The New Safe Harbor Define Global Data Flows?
IAF Policy Call
3 June 2015

3rd Annual Colombia Data Protection Conference
IAF Event, Co-sponsored with Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, Colombia
28-29 May 2015
Medellín, Colombia

America’s Discussion Group Call on Brazil
IAF Call
22 May 2015

Holistic Governance & Policy Model Workshop
IAF Workshop
18-19 May 2015
Washington, DC

Discussion on Big Data, Governance, and Regulation
IAF Meeting
18 May 2015, 10-11 am, ET
Washington, DC

Big Data Ethics: You Can, but Should You?
Panelist: Marty Abrams
IAPP Asia Privacy Forum
6 May 2015

IAF Big Data Ethics Initiative: Part C
IAF Meeting
28-29 April 2015
Madrid, Spain

Public Consultation on Brazil’s Draft Law for Personal Data Protection
Keynote Speaker: Marty Abrams
Hosted by Vella, Pugliese, Buosi, Guidoni
9 April 2015
São Paulo, Brazil

Big Data Processing & PIPEDA’s Consent Requirements
IAF Event, Co-hosted by Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP and sponsored by Symcor
2 April 2015
Toronto, Canada

Asia Discussion Group Call with Jim Foster
IAF Policy Call
25 March 2015

Big Data Ethics and Marketing
IAF Event
24 March 2015

A Unified Ethical Frame for Big Data
Panel Discussion Moderator: Marty Abrams
IAPP Global Privacy Summit
5 March 2015
Washington, DC

Information Accountability in an Era of Information Governance Risk
Keynote Speakers: Marty Abrams and Peter Cullen
Conference Board Webcast
25 February 2015

New European Mandates
IAF Policy Call
17 February 2015

Workshop on Accountability Expectations in Colombia
Workshop Panel Moderator: Marty Abrams
Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, Colombia
12 February 2015
Bogotá, Colombia

Data & Privacy: Striking the Balance (Data Privacy Day in Brussels)
Keynote Speaker: Martin Abrams
Enforceable Self-regulation and the Coming Regulation (Presentation)
28 January 2015
Brussels, Belgium

Accountable Organizations Deserve Benefits from Regulators
Panel Discussion Moderator: Marty Abrams
8th International CPDP Conference
22 January 2015
Brussels, Belgium

Dynamic Data Obscurity Panel
Panel Discussion – Marty Abrams, Moderator
8th International CPDP Conference
21 January 2015
Brussels, Belgium

A Unified Ethical Frame for Big Data Analysis in Marketing
IAF Event
15-16 January 2015
Little Rock, Arkansas

Dynamic Data Obscurity Roundtable (Agenda)
IAF Event
January 2015
Washington, DC


Big Data Workshop
IAF Workshop
42nd APPA Forum
4 December 2014
Vancouver, Canada
Scott Taylor Presentation
Anick Fortin Cousins Presentation
Lynn Goldstein Presentation

Preparing for 2018: The Rush of Policy Decisions Coming From Europe Prior to the New Commission Taking Office
IAF Policy Call
24 November 2014

Japan Policy Developments Discussion
IAF Policy Call
19 November 2014

Accountability Across Sectors
Panel Discussion Moderator: Marty Abrams
Cultures of Accountability Workshop
13 November 2014
Leuven, Belgium

Privacy Governance and Controls: How Do You Know You Are Doing It Right?
Panel Discussion Moderator: Marty Abrams
IAPP Practical Privacy Series
5 November 2014
New York, New York

Japan Policy Trip: IAF Meetings with Government & Business Leaders on Modern Data Protection
27-30 October 2014
Tokyo, Japan

Rapporteurs’ Panel
Panel Discussion Rapporteur: Marty Abrams
36th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners
16 October 2014
Balaclava Fort, Mauritius

Ethics, Fundamental Rights and Big Data (Links to Video)
Panel Discussion Moderator: Marty Abrams
36th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners
16 October 2014
Balaclava Fort, Mauritius

Accountability Workshop
IAF Event, Co-sponsored with Nymity
36th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners
14 October 2014
Balaclava Fort, Mauritius

A Unified Ethical Frame for Big Data Analysis
IAF Paper
Released on 8 October 2014

IAF Board of Directors Annual Meeting
17 September 2014
San Jose, CA

IAF Americas Discussion Group
IAF Conference Call
10 September 2014

Forum – Marty Abrams, Delegate
6-9 August 2014
Beijing, China

Comments on Big Data Submitted to NTIA
IAF Comments
Released on 5 August 2014

Comments on Notions of Legitimate Interests Submitted to Article 29 Working Party
IAF Comments
Released on 25 June 2014

AccessPrivacy CPO Forum 2014
Forum Speaker: Marty Abrams
25 June 2014
Toronto, Canada

2nd Annual Colombia Data Protection Conference
IAF Event, Co-sponsored with Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, Colombia
4-6 June 2014
Pereira, Colombia

Accountability & Government Use of Private Sector Data – Session II
IAF Event, Co-sponsored with The Privacy Projects and Center for Democracy & Technology
30 May 2014
London, United Kingdom

IAF’s 6th Annual Global Information Accountability Dialogue
IAF Dialogue, Co-Sponsored with Information Commissioner’s Office, United Kingdom
22 May 2014
London, United Kingdom

Accountability & Government Use of Private Sector Data – Session I
IAF Event, Co-sponsored with The Privacy Projects and Center for Democracy & Technology
9 May 2014
Montreal, Canada

The Origins of Personal Data and its Implications for Governance
IAF Paper
Released on 21 March 2014

Protecting Privacy in a Data-Driven Economy, OECD Experts Roundtable
Roundtable Presenter: Marty Abrams
21 March 2014
Paris, France

Notice and Consent in the Era of Big Data and the Internet of Things
Panel Discussion – Marty Abrams, Moderator
Data Privacy Day Forum
Washington, DC
28 January 2014

Accountability, Trust, and Verification
Presentation – Marty Abrams, Presenter
7th International CPDP Conference
Brussels, Belgium
23 January 2014

Data Protection in Transition and Responsible Data Governance
Discussion Session Sponsored by Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati – Marty Abrams, Session Co-Leader
Brussels, Belgium
16 January 2014