Barb Lawler, Chief Operations Officer & Sr. Strategist

Barb Lawler most recently was VP, Chief Privacy and Data Ethics Officer at Looker Data Sciences (acquired by Google Cloud). Before Looker, she was the Chief Privacy Officer of Intuit (2006-2017) and Hewlett Packard (2002-2006, pre-split), where she led practical and customer-savvy approaches to privacy, implementation of privacy by design, and ethical data innovation strategies.

She is a globally recognized privacy leader and speaker, who has an extensive track record in shaping the thinking of U.S. and global policymakers on data policy issues through direct interaction with regulators and policymakers, including delivering formal testimony to both the U.S. House and Senate (twice each), IRS, FTC and California State AG. Barb has been Chair of the Ponemon Institute RIM Council since its inception in 2002 and is a Ponemon Fellow. She is a strategist for the Information Accountability Foundation, and a member of the Internet Ethics advisory board to the Santa Clara University Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Barb, a Bay Area native, is a graduate of San Jose State University, and splits time between Los Gatos and Santa Cruz.

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