U.S. Emerging Governance Issues

The United States society and economy drive the early adoption of new information and communication technologies that make use of data pertaining to individuals. Often those new business processes create friction with concepts of individual autonomy and the fair application of new knowledge. Although comprehensive privacy legislation in the United States is still many years in the future, issues raised by an observational marketplace and complex analytics is already promoting greater oversight from the Federal Trade Commission, other U.S. regulatory bodies, and State Attorneys General. The United States is also part of a greater global economy, and governance in the United States needs to link to global processes. IAF’s global scope will bring new focus to the U.S. policy process.

Foundation objectives for this project include:

  • A research focus on how U.S. entrepreneurship can effectively link to global data protection values.
  • Applying Foundation concepts to demonstrable big data and sensor application governance.
  • Bring a new focus to individual participation and how that might work in an observational marketplace.

For more information, contact Marty Abrams at mabrams@informationaccountability.org.

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