IAF Releases Ethical Guidance for Artificial Intelligence at Commissioners’ Conference

The terms ethics and ethical data processing are in vogue. With the rapid growth of innovative data-driven technologies and the application of these innovations to areas that can have a material impact on people’s daily lives, enhanced corporate governance focused on ethical objectives is needed. Particularly where data enabled decisions are made without the intervention of people. The linked Ethics Package is The Information Accountability Foundation’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ethics Project’s first product and intended to begin the discussion on how to link ethics to business processes when conducting AI, Machine Learning, and advanced analytics. The package includes: 1) A policy paper, which outlines the dilemma with current accountability mechanisms and offers an explanation of how ethics can provide the foundation for enhanced governance; 2) the Essential Elements of Accountability for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that Directly Impacts People, which updates The Essential Elements of Accountability published in 2009 to account for issues introduced by the next wave of disruptive technologies; and 3) the Ethical Decision Making Worksheet for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Environments, which outlines a process and evaluation questions, that link to the AI Essential Elements, for an organization to cascade ethical and value based principles into organizational procedures and objectives setting.


This ethics package will be introduced at the 39 Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Hong Kong on September 29th as part of a plenary event and will form the nucleus of a side event hosted jointly with the Future Of Privacy Forum taking place 25 September, 2017 – Sustainable Innovation with Effective Data Protection–Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Ethical Applications. This session will explore the application of legal, fair and just to AI and ML through examples and focused discussion for the whole data protection community. For more details on both of these conference events please see here to find the programme of the 39th ICDPPC and over 20 side events


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