Dynamic Data Obscurity

The Dynamic Data Obscurity (DDO) project promotes emerging technology solutions for effectively securing data down to the data element level when used in big data and other robust data applications.

An increasing amount of observational data is available from more and more connected devices and services, coupled with data from millions of sensors. When big data analysis is added, effective polices for when data should be visible to data applications and when it should not are required. The key project objective is defining confidentiality in highly observational environments.

The DDO project is built on the long-established concept that effective security is based on the “belts and suspenders” melding of policy controls and technology being used to obscure data elements that should not be visible when using data, particularly for research. Today’s analytical capabilities makes the mandate for the “belt and suspenders” of policy and technology even more compelling. The technologies are challenged internally by organisations’ need for knowledge and externally by criminals. Even with the belt of policy, the suspenders of technology need upgrading to match today’s challenges. If that challenge is not met, real resistance to the information age’s dual mandates for innovation and fairness could be seen.

The project has the following goals:

  • Restore concepts of confidentiality to data processing and encourage marketplace trust through improved security and privacy to enable more protective, productive, and controlled use of data.
  • Facilitate the information governance community’s understanding that new technology solutions are emerging.
  • Encourage the development and adoption of new obscuring technologies.

For more information, contact Martin Abrams at mabrams@informationaccountability.org.

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