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EDPG Update Call

To discuss a number pf accomplishments and next steps related to the EDPG project, IAF will hold a one-hour update call on the project’s work during 28 November.

The EDPG project was created as a means to mitigate a business risk related to a growing focus on data use as an integral part of business strategy. Put simply, data-driven innovation and the organizations that are dependent upon it are at risk from an information governance vacuum and how policy makers and regulators might fill it. The risk of having data and prohibitions on making innovative uses of that data is growing and creating regulatory risk, customer trust risk and reticence risk. As a result, information will simply not be used, because decision drivers are unclear or conflicting.

Over the past year, the EDPG project has made tangible progress on advancing and socializing this model. The project’s work has resulted in several short-term initiatives that are filling a global regulatory demand at the same time as we think about a full EDPG model in the longer term. Further, the project will soon release a full-length paper. IAF looks forward to discussing these developments in detail during the call.

Big Data Ecosystem, Fairness and Enforcement

Big data has become an increasingly scary phrase for all stakeholders in data protection. For privacy advocates, it often means loss of control, asymmetrical power and hidden discrimination. For regulators, it often means regulatory round pegs in operational holes of different sizes, in constantly moving locations, with mismatches that begin with vocabulary. For companies, it… Continue Reading

IAF/FPF Side Event at ICDPPC – 18 October 2016

Technology, Challenges and Effective Governance Side Event, Co-Hosted by Future of Privacy Forum and IAF DATE: 18 October 2016 TIME: 14.15 to 16.15 LOCATION: Roseraie Room, Conference Center of the Palmeraie Golf Palace EVENT: 38th International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference ADMISSION: To register for this event, contact us at, or RSVP via… Continue Reading

EDPG Project: Enhancing Benefits from Information Flows While Improving Regulatory Certainty in a Digital Age

Today’s information ecosystems are complex and set to become even more complicated. Business, today, is making increasing use of information as a means to create new products and services and drive value creation. IoT environments offer a terrific example of this complexity as does the whole area of Big Data analytics, which can involve the… Continue Reading

Defining the Privacy Right and the FCC Rulemaking

If you cannot define a problem, you cannot solve it. The term “privacy” has always been hard to define. Bring ten experts into a room, and the definition of privacy will be different depending on with whom you are talking. However, we can begin to give it structure. The term “privacy” in an information age… Continue Reading

Beyond Individuals’ Expectations

Data protection needs to be reinvented for today’s information policy challenges. While I have written on this topic before, two new essays make this argument incredibly well. The first is Omer Tene’s “People Like You” in the Yale Journal of Law and Technology. Tene makes the case that—in our ecosystem driven by analytics fed by observational data—it… Continue Reading

Year-End Policy Call

2015 has been a most remarkable year for data protection, and 2016 will be full of challenges. To provide food for thought over the holiday break, the team at the Information Accountability Foundation will provide insights on accountability-based challenges for 2016. The discussion will touch on recent and upcoming policy as well as regulatory developments… Continue Reading

IAF Releases White Paper on Big Data Ethics and Data Protection Enforcement

The Information Accountability Foundation (IAF) released a white paper entitled “Enforcing Big Data Assessment Processes” today. The research paper examines organisational governance for big data processes and enforcement related to that governance by data protection authorities. In particular, the document focuses on enforcement of codes of practice for creating new driven insights from big data… Continue Reading

Time to Double Down on Accountability

Figuratively, accountability is the flu vaccine for the data protection immune system. When an organisation has the data protection sniffles, accountability, like the flu vaccine, enhances the immune system. As we all know, the European Court of Justice has not only put data transfers in question, it has also enhanced the ability for individuals to… Continue Reading

Moving Big Data Governance Forward

On 14 July, The Information Accountability Foundation (IAF) convened a very successful meeting hosted by the Garante in Rome to discuss how big data ethical assessments might be subject to enforcement. Big data raises numerous challenges not only for today’s data protection and privacy laws but also for the new regulation that might be enacted… Continue Reading