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IAF Releases Ethical Guidance for Artificial Intelligence at Commissioners’ Conference

The terms ethics and ethical data processing are in vogue. With the rapid growth of innovative data-driven technologies and the application of these innovations to areas that can have a material impact on people’s daily lives, enhanced corporate governance focused on ethical objectives is needed. Particularly where data enabled decisions are made without the intervention of people. The linked Ethics Package is The Information Accountability Foundation’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ethics Project’s first product and intended to begin the discussion on how to link ethics to business processes when conducting AI, Machine Learning, and advanced analytics. The package includes: 1) A policy paper, which outlines the dilemma with current accountability mechanisms and offers an explanation of how ethics can provide the foundation for enhanced governance; 2) the Essential Elements of Accountability for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that Directly Impacts People, which updates The Essential Elements of Accountability published in 2009 to account for issues introduced by the next wave of disruptive technologies; and 3) the Ethical Decision Making Worksheet for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Environments, which outlines a process and evaluation questions, that link to the AI Essential Elements, for an organization to cascade ethical and value based principles into organizational procedures and objectives setting.


This ethics package will be introduced at the 39 Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Hong Kong on September 29th as part of a plenary event and will form the nucleus of a side event hosted jointly with the Future Of Privacy Forum taking place 25 September, 2017 – Sustainable Innovation with Effective Data Protection–Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Ethical Applications. This session will explore the application of legal, fair and just to AI and ML through examples and focused discussion for the whole data protection community. For more details on both of these conference events please see here to find the programme of the 39th ICDPPC and over 20 side events


EDPG Update Call

To discuss a number pf accomplishments and next steps related to the EDPG project, IAF will hold a one-hour update call on the project’s work during 28 November. The EDPG project was created as a means to mitigate a business risk related to a growing focus on data use as an integral part of business… Continue Reading

EDPG Project: Enhancing Benefits from Information Flows While Improving Regulatory Certainty in a Digital Age

Today’s information ecosystems are complex and set to become even more complicated. Business, today, is making increasing use of information as a means to create new products and services and drive value creation. IoT environments offer a terrific example of this complexity as does the whole area of Big Data analytics, which can involve the… Continue Reading

Year-End Policy Call

2015 has been a most remarkable year for data protection, and 2016 will be full of challenges. To provide food for thought over the holiday break, the team at the Information Accountability Foundation will provide insights on accountability-based challenges for 2016. The discussion will touch on recent and upcoming policy as well as regulatory developments… Continue Reading

IAF to Hold Governance and Policy Workshop During 18-19 May (Sponsor-Only Event)

IAF’s Holistic Governance Policy Model Project will hold its first workshop on 18-19 May in Washington, DC. The event will convene project supporters from across industries to initiate the development of a workable, outcome-focused framework for information governance that will ultimately be presented to policy makers, regulators, civil society and industry. An important focus of… Continue Reading

IAF Launches Effective Data Protection Governance Project to Address Policy Risk

More and more business strategies involve deriving value from the use of information. At the same time, regulators and policy makers are grappling with data-driven innovation, as they seek to address not just what policy response is correct, but how organizations can and should demonstrate the governance of this data. In addition, how individuals will… Continue Reading

Jim Foster Presents at IAF Asia Discussion Group Teleconference

On 25 March, the IAF Asia Discussion Group held a teleconference on recent developments in Asia with an emphasis on Japan. The call featured Jim Foster, who is the director of the Keio International Centre for the Internet and Society and a professor at the Keio University Law School. Japan will soon be enacting a… Continue Reading

Abrams to Speak at Data Protection Seminar in Brazil on 9 April

IAF’s Martin Abrams has been invited to be the keynote speaker at a seminar on compliance privacy and personal data protection during 9 April in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event will cover Brazil’s proposed data protection law (Marco Civil). To read Marty’s related paper, click here for the English version. For the version of the… Continue Reading

Abrams Article on Brazilian Data Protection Legislation

In Fall 2014, the Foundation’s Martin Abrams authored an article entitled “The Marco Civil and Beyond: Privacy Governance for the Future” for a book to be published in Brazil. The Brazilian government is actively looking for input as it considers comprehensive data protection legislation. With a delay in book publication, the Foundation has chosen to… Continue Reading

Peter Cullen to Explore Information Accountability 2.0 at Foundation

TUESDAY, 13 JANUARY 2015 – The Information Accountability Foundation and Peter Cullen announce an affiliation between the parties to launch a new initiative that will expand the work the Foundation is doing on Information Accountability 2.0. Cullen will serve as Executive Strategist for Policy Innovation and will lead the Foundation’s work in developing a Holistic… Continue Reading