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IAF/FPF Side Event at ICDPPC – 18 October 2016

Technology, Challenges and Effective Governance
Side Event, Co-Hosted by Future of Privacy Forum and IAFlogo2016

DATE: 18 October 2016
TIME: 14.15 to 16.15
LOCATION: Roseraie Room, Conference Center of the Palmeraie Golf Palace
EVENT: 38th International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference
ADMISSION: To register for this event, contact us at, or RSVP via our EventBrite page.

Computer and communications technology and process changes are accelerating at pace that literally challenges physics much less man-made law and regulation. Yet, people’s fundamental rights and freedoms must be protected without stopping the enhancement of human interests that comes from the smart ICT governance. This interactive session with forward looking enforcement leaders, policy leaders, and corporate officials will focus on how to assure effective governance when technology promise leaps beyond the imagination of law makers.

The Foundation and Future of Privacy Forum thank Intel Corporation for sponsoring this side event.

Moderators: Martin Abrams, Executive Director, IAF and John Verdi,Vice President of Policy, Future of Privacy Forum

Opening Remarks – Paula Bruening, Senior Counsel for Global Privacy Policy, Intel

Panel 1 – Updating Accountability and Ethics for the Digital Age
•    Paula Bruening, Senior Counsel for Global Privacy Policy, Intel
•    Malcolm Crompton, Managing Director, Information Integrity Solutions
•    Scott Taylor, Vice President Compliance, Privacy, Big Data, and Global Services, Merck

Panel 2 – Considerations for Responsible Data Use by Global Businesses
•    Kalinda Raina, Head of Global Privacy, LinkedIn
•    Hilary M. Wandall, General Counsel & Chief Data Governance Officer, TRUSTe
•    Justin B. Weiss, Global Head of Data Privacy, Naspers

Panel 3 – The Future of Technology and Data Governance
•    Patricia Kosseim, Senior General Counsel, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
•    Eduardo Bertoni, Director Nacional, Argentine Personal Data Protection Authority
•    Julie Brill, Partner, Hogan Lovells
•    Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor, European Union

Beyond Individuals’ Expectations

Data protection needs to be reinvented for today’s information policy challenges. While I have written on this topic before, two new essays make this argument incredibly well. The first is Omer Tene’s “People Like You” in the Yale Journal of Law and Technology. Tene makes the case that—in our ecosystem driven by analytics fed by observational data—it… Continue Reading

Legal, Fair and Just – The Benchmark for Big Data Analysis

Last month, the IAF presented our big data assessment process to industry representatives in Washington, D.C. One of the attendees, really trying to be helpful, asked why would any U.S. company conduct an ethical assessment of a big data project, since there really are not many restrictions in the use of data to develop insights.… Continue Reading

Leading by Example

“Leading by Example” is an incredibly powerful phrase, particularly if an institution intends to live up to that statement of purpose. I believe that Giovanni Buttarelli, the new European Data Protection Supervisor, and his Assistant EDPS, Wojciech Wiewiorowski, intend to turn that statement of purpose into action. The EDPS today released their five-year strategy. It… Continue Reading