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IAF Policy Call on Research as a Legal Basis to Process

Thinking with data, the discovery of new insights through the processing of large diverse data sets, has already become a driver of innovation. One of the truly remarkable outcomes of the European Data Protection Regulation, is a liberalization of data for research. Is research essentially a new “legal basis” to process data? Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Yann Padova in their law review article, “Regime Change?  Enabling Big Data Through Europe’s New Data Protection Regulation,” argue that it is. The IAF has built the case for thinking with data based on research as a compatible use, with legitimate interests as the legal basis. Viktor and Yann’s paper has triggered IAF to think more robustly.

Professor Mayer-Schonberger joined IAF’s Marty Abrams and Peter Cullen for the policy call on 8 November to discuss research as the basis for change in Europe. In addition, IAF discussed the relevance of this work in the rest of the world, particularly Argentina.

IAF Announces International Advisory Board

The Information Accountability Foundation is truly international in its focus. As such, it relies heavily on non-U.S. supporters who provide insight and in-kind services that make its international programs so successful. To that end, the IAF has created an International Advisory Board comprised of members of its family that go well beyond just financial support.… Continue Reading

IAF on Data Ethics Panel at IAPP-London

On 21 April, IAF’s Marty Abrams will speak on a panel entitled “Digital Ethics, the EDPS and the Ethics Advisory Group” at IAPP’s  “Europe Data Protection Intensive” in London. Panel Overview The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has launched a broader discussion, both in the EU and globally, on how to ensure the integrity of… Continue Reading

IAF Policy Call on Legal Probability in Europe

Data protection legal certainty for controllers doing business in Europe is increasingly the casualty of European Court of Justice decisions, the GDPR and uncertain legal mechanisms for data transfers. Now, controllers must deal with legal probability based on the ability to create an evidence trail related to practices and processes. The IAF’s next policy call will take… Continue Reading

Information Impact Assessments Key to Protection with Innovation

Data must be used to improve global healthcare, economic opportunity, freedom of choice and expression, and functionality of markets. Data must be governed to assure the full range of interests and rights that are the basis of free democracies in the 21st century. Among those interests is the freedom from digital predestination–where probability alone determines… Continue Reading

Avoiding Huge Data Protection Fines Means Starting Now

The 34-month countdown has begun to data protection fines that are so material they will require SEC disclosure. A good friend, who is also an experienced data protection professional, predicts that fines will come before wide adoption of demonstrable comprehensive privacy programmes. If she is right, that will have significant impact on businesses, individuals and… Continue Reading

Year-End Policy Call

2015 has been a most remarkable year for data protection, and 2016 will be full of challenges. To provide food for thought over the holiday break, the team at the Information Accountability Foundation will provide insights on accountability-based challenges for 2016. The discussion will touch on recent and upcoming policy as well as regulatory developments… Continue Reading

The Lesson We Keep Learning

Codes of conduct developed to protect individual rights as companies transfer data across borders are not the instruments needed to police government use of private sector data for national security. While trying to do so may seem convenient, in the end, it puts global commerce in jeopardy. In 2014, the IAF worked with the Center… Continue Reading

Leading by Example

“Leading by Example” is an incredibly powerful phrase, particularly if an institution intends to live up to that statement of purpose. I believe that Giovanni Buttarelli, the new European Data Protection Supervisor, and his Assistant EDPS, Wojciech Wiewiorowski, intend to turn that statement of purpose into action. The EDPS today released their five-year strategy. It… Continue Reading