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Accountability in an Observational, Analytics-Driven Digital Economy

Since a multi-stakeholder group first defined them in 2009, the essential elements of accountability have become well established in the field of data protection. These elements are reflected in guidance from data protection and privacy authorities in Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Colombia and France. They have been adopted as key elements in the European General… Continue Reading

EDPG Project: Enhancing Benefits from Information Flows While Improving Regulatory Certainty in a Digital Age

Today’s information ecosystems are complex and set to become even more complicated. Business, today, is making increasing use of information as a means to create new products and services and drive value creation. IoT environments offer a terrific example of this complexity as does the whole area of Big Data analytics, which can involve the… Continue Reading

Defining the Privacy Right and the FCC Rulemaking

If you cannot define a problem, you cannot solve it. The term “privacy” has always been hard to define. Bring ten experts into a room, and the definition of privacy will be different depending on with whom you are talking. However, we can begin to give it structure. The term “privacy” in an information age… Continue Reading

Restoring Privacy Functionality Through Data Protection Processes

Can data protection, the fair processing of personal data, protect the key values associated with privacy? While many privacy professionals use the terms privacy and data protection interchangeably, European law differentiates the two terms. The Working Party 29 Legitimate Interests opinion from 2014 does an excellent job of explaining the differences. Privacy is a value… Continue Reading

2016 State of the Foundation Call

Please join us for the 2016 State of the Foundation Call to be held on Wednesday, 9 March, at 1 pm, ET. The call will briefly review IAF accomplishments over the last 12 months. The remaining time will be used to discuss IAF goals, research, and events during 2016 and beyond. To RSVP for this event,… Continue Reading

Japan Policy Meeting on November 20

The Foundation will hold the IAF Japan Policy & Strategy Meeting on 20 November 2015 from 9 am to 1 pm, ET, in Washington, DC. The event will explore capacity building in the context of Japan’s new data protection legislation. From that assessment, we will examine opportunities to provide perspective to academics, business leaders and… Continue Reading

Time to Double Down on Accountability

Figuratively, accountability is the flu vaccine for the data protection immune system. When an organisation has the data protection sniffles, accountability, like the flu vaccine, enhances the immune system. As we all know, the European Court of Justice has not only put data transfers in question, it has also enhanced the ability for individuals to… Continue Reading

Data Protection Agency Key Issue in Brazil

The agency (or agencies) that will enforce any new data protection law in Brazil is an unsettled issue. The Justice Ministry draft legislation discusses activities and duties for an agency, but it never discusses the agency itself. A clear lesson from more than 40 years of data protection is that agency structure matters. Is the… Continue Reading