Asia Discussion Group

Information and communications technologies are revolutionising every single society and their related economies. The harnessing of those technologies is greatly dependent on data protection and privacy law. While Asia has information governance needs similar to the rest of the world, the cultural basis for those laws is very different in a number of Asian nations. At the same time, processing occurs globally, so there must be interoperability among Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa.

The Foundation’s Asia initiative is focused on concepts that will further interoperability, be respectful to Asian cultures, and facilitated the development of a digital agenda in Asian economies.

Through the Asia Discussion Group, the Foundation will seek to:

  • Encourage dialogue on concepts of innovation, fairness, legitimate interests, accountability and ethics in data governance.
  • Inform the policy process in an active manner about governance mechanisms beyond consent.
  • Help the policy process understand the importance of the free flow of data to and from Asia. Key countries with active governance discussions include Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • Partner with organisations from the region to further discussions on accountability.

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