Americas Interest Group

The Foundation created the Americas Interest Group to research means of assuring effective governance in the region as laws and regulations are adopted and changed. Privacy law in the Americas has historically focused on protecting individual autonomy when processing personal data. Thus, the purpose of this group is to explore measures that effectively protect individuals while encouraging innovation as big data and observational technologies become more pervasive. Data protection in an information driven economy requires control even when individual consent is not fully effective in governing data creation and use.

The Foundation has involved Latin American and Canadian enforcement agencies in the development of its research initiatives such as accountability, legitimate interests, and big data governance. The collaboration has developed through the Global Accountability Dialogue, and the International Data Protection Conference in Colombia, APPA (Asia Pacific Privacy Agencies), APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum), and International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners.

Key objectives of the group include:

  • Monitor policy and regulatory developments in Latin America and Canada.
  • Collaborate with enforcement agencies in the region as they implement secondary regulations and policy guidance.
  • Encourage the inclusion of legitimate interests with robust process and data transfers based on accountability as laws, regulation and guidance.
  • Collaborate with the Superintendent of Industry in developing the international conference in Colombia as key event for Latin American regulators and privacy experts.
  • Help policymakers as they draft and implement new data protection laws.

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